Vintage Japanese Obi Silk Travel Clutch | Gold and Silver Bishamon Treasures Pattern



This vintage Japanese silk kisslock clutch is a beautiful mix of bishamon body armour pattern with the "seven treasures" symbols. It's perfectly sized as a travel clutch and would make a wonderful holiday season gift to those with an appreciation for Japanese culture.


By giving the vintage obi a new purpose, we hope the treasure symbols on the clutch bag would giving the wearer luck on her quest of treasure hunting as she earns her own keep! A limited quantity of this clutch is available. Made entirely of Japanese silk, this one-of-a-kind upcycled oversized wallet / travel clutch is made from the actual vintage Japanese obi photographed.


Base Fabric: vintage Japanese silk obi
Pattern: Bishamon body armor pattern with seven treasure symbols in metallic silver and gold
Lining: Ivory satin
Hardware: 8-inch metal kiss lock frame + 15" metal chain, both in light gold tone
Extra: Comes with a matching gold and leather shoulder strap



Length: 9 inches across, mounted in a 8 inches kisslock frame
Height: 5 inches from top to bottom
Thick: 2.5 inches front to back


The Japanese obi is a wide sash worn over the traditional Japanese kimono. We work with vintage and antique obi and often the sash we discover may no longer be deemed wearable as part of the traditional kimono attire. By giving the textile a new life and a new purpose, we hope to extend the appreciation and craftsmanship that were originally put in to make the woven textile. For our obi clutch collection, all materials from the entire obi is used. The ornate woven top side is used for the exterior of the clutch bag, while the silk lining of the obi (usually in solid color), is used in the lining of the clutch (subject to the status of the obi piece). Nothing goes to waste -- that is our motto in making these clutches.


Please note that although the materials are cut from the same obi, patterns and colors will be different for each clutches made. Each clutch bag will come with a numbered certificate and a beautiful eco friendly kraft paper box.


This item is a ready to ship item and may not be suitable for personalization.